High-Protein Kamut Bread Recipe – A Healthy Choice

kamut bread recipe

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Lately I’ve been experiencing different types of wheat since my father diagnosed gluten-intolerance in his last half yearly-checkup. He loves bread, be it store-bought or prepared by his busy elder daughter sometimes. White bread used to be the go-to bread in our household but it’s not the same anymore ever since the checkup.. 

It’s hard to see parents getting older and losing their natural food habits. But we are the ones who need to make sure they don’t feel the bad side of getting older. While surfing for a solution, I eventually came up with kamut bread aka Khorasan wheats that happens to be organic, high in protein and the lowest in gluten than any other bread. I gave it a try right away. Guess what! Dad loved it. Who else can be happier than me right now!

The Perfect Kamut Bread Recipe

Today this happy soul is going to share the most healthy, tasty kamut bread recipe with you so that you can treat yourself and your loved ones with the most organic, high protein and less gluten Kamut bread with the easiest and delicious kamut bread. Let’s Go!

This is a 100% kamut flour bread recipe. Let’s call it kamut bread for now. It’s an ancient bread which is very helpful for digestion and comes with tons of vitamins and minerals. Lots of health benefits I must say. 

A perfect kamut homemade bread recipe is not a lot different from regular ones. It’s slightly different because you need to cut back 1-2 cups of flour than required. Because too much flour makes the dough crack and consume a lot of water. Besides, it needs a bit more kneading than usual since it’s low in gluten. Good for your digestion system. Apart from these two differences the process is pretty much easy and like other bread making processes.

Equipments Needed for Kamut Bread Recipe 

  • Bosch Mixer: To mix the dough first.
  • Extra Large Bowl: Make sure it’s 2 or 3 times larger than the dough.
  • Fork/Wooden spoon: You can use either one to make the mix.
  • Oven: It must be preheated for the bake.
  • Baking Rack: For the bread to rest after baking.
  • Airtight Container: This will help to preserve the bread for a long time.
  • Loaf Pan: Take two rectangle pans for this recipe.

Ingredients Required to Make Kamut Bread

  • 2 Tbsp Active Dry Yeast: It will help the bread to sail.
  • 3 Cups Warm Water (105 – 115 Degrees): Helps mixing the organic dough.
  • ⅔ Cup Honey: For warm and sweet flavor.
  • 7 Cups White Kamut Flour: All cups of Kamut Flour should not be used at once. It will make the dough crack. Use 3 – 4 cups at first. Then mix the rest when needed.
  • 3.5 Tbsp Melted Butter/Olive Oil: Makes for a delicious garnish.
  • 1 Tbsp Sea Salt: To set all the flavors properly.
  • Ground Flax Seed: To make variation in flavor.

How to Make Kamut Bread


Step 1: Activate Yeast

Firstly, prepare the dough. Take the large bowl, mix yeast, warm water (105- 115 degree), and honey together and let the mix sit for 10 minutes. This step is to activate the yeast.


Step 2: Prepare the Flour Mix

Meanwhile, get another bowl. Put 4 cups of Kamut flour, ground flax seed, and salt into the bowl. Use a wooden spoon/whisk to mix it up. Mix the rest of the cups later if needed. Otherwise the dough will crack and be hard to stretch. 


Step 3: Make the Dough

When the water mixer has sat, it should look foamy on the top meaning the yeast has been activated. Add some olive oil into the yeast/water mix to prepare the flour mixing procedure.


Step 4: Press the Dough as Required

Now combine the flour mix with water mix and use a bosch mixer to put every ingredient together. Put it on low speed for better combination. After that you can speed up and knead the dough for 10 minutes (since kamut flour needs extra kneading for better elasticity).


Step 5: Fermentation

When the dough is slightly firm, not so sticky, there’s a texture you should look for. Not too sticky, not too dry, just when the dough is smoother and strechy. It means the dough is ready to rest and rise.

Step 6: Rest the Dough for Hours

Now cover the dough with a dish towel or a plastic wrap for 1-2 hours to rise until it gets 2- 3 times larger than the size. After the rest-hours poke and see the dough does not bounce back, it’s ready to get into the hot oven.

Step 7: Remove Air Bubbles

Punch down the dough to get rid of air bubbles and then divide evenly. Then take two loaf pans and grease them with olive oil. Put the loaves into the pans while preheating the oven.


Step 8: Bake the Bread

Turn the oven on 350 for preheat and cover the loaves again with plastic wrap to rest again. Your oven and loaves will be ready together. Place the pans into the oven and bake for 25 minutes to see the magic.

Ready to Serve

Step 9: Ready to Serve

Take them out and place them into the baking rack after removing from the pans. Let them cool down for 10-20 minutes because they can be really hot to touch this early. Slice, serve and enjoy your kamut bread and you can preserve the homemade bread into an airtight container for several days. 

Time Needed to Cook Kamut Flour Recipe

It approximately takes 3 hours to make the kamut bread with 10 minutes of mixing, 10 minutes of kneading, 2 hours for fermenting and 25 minutes to bake. Lastly 10-15 minutes to cool down he loaves for serving. 

Extra Cooking Tips for Delicious Kamut Bread

  • Kamut bread is less glutenous and because of that, remember to knead extra every time you are going to make the kamut bread.
  • Any recipe you want to make with kamut flour, make sure to cut down 1-2 cups from the real recipe to make the dough perfectly.
  • Kamut bread uses pre-ferment, so the bread contains a higher acidity level allowing it to last for up to 10 days.
  • While making kamut bread, time and temperature are incredibly important so keep the dough in a warm place and keep checking the temperature from time to time.

The Best Ways to Cook Kamut Bread

Using kamut flour or Khorasan wheat, you can try many recipes such as flatbread, nunbread, even your pizza dough as well. Since it’s healthy and high on protein, you can add kamut homemade bread into your daily life. There are also kamut cookies, cakes and many other options to keep life and eating habits healthier.

I’m trying to make new kamut bread recipes with kamut bread since my dad and other family members loved it. It’s a big win actually. You can give it a try too and let me know how it went.  

What to Serve with Kamut Bread?

Kamut bread is a very good food option to lead a healthy life. Whether you’re gluten intolerant or still can take gluten as much as you want, this bread is organic and will promise you a healthy breakfast everyday.

You can have this bread with jam, butter, jelly etc as breakfast. But if you want to make sandwiches or subs, go for it. Besides, I’ve tried nunbread, flatbread with it and these go really well with the meals like chicken curry, thai soup or even mushroom cream soup. 

This wheat is an amazing substitute to the common or regular bread which is not good for our digestion system and health in the long run. So you can give kamut a try to keep your people healthy and safe.

Frequently Asked Question

Can I eat Kamut bread everyday?

You can consume kamut bread in enough amounts like food. Because kamut has less gluten than other wheat but it is not gluten free. In that case, if you consume a lot of kamut bread than you should, it might create health issues. So you have to be careful about the intake amount.

Is kamut easy to digest?

Many people find kamut easy to digest. It’s not gluten free but the little amount of gluten it contains. It kind of helps people to digest kamut easily with a lot of protein, minerals in it. Common wheat doesn’t help that much to our digest system. 

Can diabetics eat kamut?

Yes, diabetics can consume kamut in fact it’s an ideal food choice for them. Since kamut wheat is organic, contain a hefty amount of protein and minerals, it’s a good source of proper nutrition for people who have diabetes. 

Is Kamut bread keto friendly?

According to the ketogenic diet plan, your daily intake of carb should be less than 25g. But taking one serving of kamut bread wil double up the carb amount. Therefore kamut bread might disrupt your keto diet in that case.

Final words

If you want to keep your loved ones healthy and full of nutrition, kamut bread recipe can be your go to recipe from now on because it’s healthy and tasty at the same time! If you want to eat organic everyday, this bread can become your bestie. 

On the other hand, it’s less glutinous, high in protein and minerals. I mean that’s what we look for, to live a healthy life right! Eat healthy, stay happy!

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