About Bridge House Tavern

Welcome to Bridge House Tavern, where the passion for food takes center stage. We are a dynamic team of five culinary enthusiasts who live to savor, share, and celebrate the irresistible world of food.

abdullah Mahmud

Abdullah Mahmud: The Flavor Explorer

An avid food traveler, Abdullah Mahmud has wandered far and wide, seeking the most exotic tastes and culinary secrets the world has to offer. With a discerning palate and an insatiable appetite for adventure, Abdullah Mahmud brings a world of flavors to your plate.

Tasin Mahmud - Author at bridgehousetavern.com

Tasin Mahmud: The Recipe Maestro

Tasin Mahmud is the culinary wizard who can turn ordinary ingredients into extraordinary delights. With a talent for creating mouthwatering recipes and a flair for storytelling, Tasin Mahmud will guide you through kitchen journeys that ignite your passion for cooking.


Tarikul Alam: The City's Culinary Scout

A connoisseur of local tastes, Tarikul Alam roams the city streets to uncover hidden gems and beloved classics. Their expert knowledge of the best dining spots and food trends ensures you're always in the know about the city's culinary scene.

Sadia Tamanna: The Dessert Diva

Sweets are Sadia Tamanna's playground. With a profound love for all things sugary, they'll take you on a delightful journey through the world of confectionery. From decadent desserts to delicate pastries, Sadia Tamanna knows how to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Aleya Ferdoys: The Mixology Maestro

For the perfect drink pairing or a tantalizing cocktail, look no further than Aleya Ferdoys. With a deep understanding of mixology and a penchant for innovation, they bring the art of libations to life.

Why We Do What We Do:

At Bridge House Tavern, our mission is to tantalize your taste buds, inspire your culinary creativity, and be your trusted companion in the world of food. We invite you to join us on a delectable journey, as we explore tastes, create recipes, and hunt down the finest dishes in our beloved city.


Food is more than just sustenance; it’s an art, a story, and a way of life. Come along with us and let’s embark on an endless quest to discover the beauty of flavors.